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For the past 1 and a half years, I have had swollen nodes in the fold between my groin and my leg. First the top one on the right, followed by the top one on the left, then the 2 lower nodes. At around the time I discovered the first swollen node, I had an unrelated episode of fainting, which I was referred to the hospital for. I had a blood test done to check for a low iron count. That came back fine, so I was referred to the cardiologist for a 24 hour ECG unit test, this came back fine too. This is going to get to the point soon, honest! So I was referred back to my GP. He told me to come back to him if I have another fainting episode, and such. Then he asked me if there was anything else I wanted to discuss, I told him of my swollen node. He felt the node thoroughly, and told me that because the results of my blood test had normal lymphocyte counts, that he doubted the presence of lymphoma, but to come back if it grew any bigger, and stuck me on an antibiotic (it was either amoxicillin or penicillin, I don't remember). The lump in question didn't grow at all, in 1 and a half years. It has fluctuated from smaller to bigger, but not a significant difference, and the lump is still not visible externally, it can only be found by pressing around. All swollen nodes are painless when pressed. Sorry for the messy layout of this post, I've been up over 24 hours and I'm tired out :) So anyway, fast forward 1.5 years, and I am still here. But throughout that time period I have been paranoid that I have cancer and am going to die soon. Could it be possible that a lymphoma could grow slowly enough not to cause immediate harm, and not show up on a blood test? I am quite underweight (I don't know what my weight is exactly, but my ribs are clearly visible, although I've been underweight for quite some time before I even noticed the node), which I know is a common symptom, but besides my weight and the painless, swollen nodes, I have no other symptoms. Deep down I doubt I have it, but I'd like some opinions.