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You are absolutely correct that Aspartame has adverse reactions in some people. But a diagnosed case of lymphoma is done by examining the tissue in question under a microscope to diagnose the disease of lymphoma. The symptoms of lymphoma are very general and can pertain to every thing from a bad cold to food posioning and everything in between.
Allergic reactions occurr to many people who take in food or chemicals. Such as penicillin or strawberries. It would surprise many people as to how nutritious food breaks down chemically in the body. The bottom line is that if you feel that drinking a beverage or eating a certain food makes you ill, you stop eating or drinking it. Cancer is another mysterious illness that most do not understand which makes every one a target for information that may be rumor or poorly researched. My school professor told us back in the early 80's that cancer is just cell death. The aging process of cells is normal. When this process is speeded up, it becomes an illness.