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I don’t have a diagnosis to explain these blood cell counts, so I think I'm going to post this on the leukemia board as well. How concerned should I be about the low neutrophils and high lymphocytes? I’ve also got three enlarged lymph nodes in the left side of my neck, two below my jaw just under the ear and one further toward the back. I first noticed them a month ago and they have not responded to six days of penicillin, which I am currently taking.
RBC 5.0
WBC 4.5
Neutrophils 35%, 1575 count – low (lab reference, 44-80%)
Lymphocytes 52%, 2340 count – high (lab reference, 16-48%)
Platelets 163,000

August 2001
RBC 4.74
WBC 5.6
Neutrophils 52%, 2912 count
Lymphocytes 39%, 2184 count
Platelets 202,000

Thanks for replies.