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I'm going to see my doctor in two days, but, as I'm sure most can relate, am racked with anxiety until then.

I have had a lump in the left area of my groin for several years. I suspect it may be a lipoma as I've had a lipoma removed about two inches to the left from there six years ago. I also had a lipoma removed from my right thigh five years ago.

About three weeks ago, I felt a heaviness - almost a dull ache - in my testicles. There was no discharge or lumps or anything out of the ordinary with my testicles.

About a week after that dull ache, that area where my alleged lipoma is started to also concurrently ache. This, too, was a dull ache, though at times, acute.

The discomfort in my testicles disappeared soon thereafter, but the discomfort stayed in the groin region and waxed and waned over a period of a few days. Now, the aching in the groin region has gone away. My oral surgeon prescribed me with antibiotics (see below), which I took for about five days. I don’t think it had any effect on the discomfort.

However, I now have some itchy and red pus-filled patches on the fold of skin above the elbows. It has not spread, but this is strange for me. I am not allergic to penicillin, which I took for four days. However, my youngest brother just found out he had developed an allergy to penicillin, but his skin rashes did not resemble mine.

Has anyone ever went through something like this? What does this sound like?

Some other background and recent history:

- I've had a re-infection in tooth #3 (from a root canal gone awry) from a few months, now. My oral surgeon removed this infection in mid-March of this year, only to have it return in August-September, so there is definitely an infection up there. However, I've had this lump in my groin long before that infection.

- I had a four week bout with Pityriasis Rosea in July, but that is all gone now. The faded herald patch can still be seen on my forearm.

- I don't get ill often, thank God. The last time I had anything like a fever was in mid October 2006. I had a fever and aches and canker sores (about eight in my mouth) and, for the first time in my life, cold sores on my lips (about eight). I've never had cold sores on my lips until October. I had symptoms of a cold, but this lasted only a few days. Prior to that, I had a fever right before my Pityriasis Rosea, which is supposed to be common.

- I've had no weight loss, no decrease in appetite or energy (I work out about five hours a week, and have been doing so throughout this entire ache session), no aches, no chills, or any other such symptoms.