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Hello folks,
I posted back at the beginning of the month about how well I am doing - comparatively. And I still am doing much better. But the fun continues. I came out of my 2nd surgery with a few heart valve problems so now I have to pre-med with anti-b's for the dentist. No big deal except that I overdosed on them! Yeah, I did. They gave me a Rx for many visits worth of pre-meds but I misunderstood and took them all! And gave myself an ulcer. Yep. The roller coaster ride continues. Luckily, the meds are working and the ulcer is healing well.
This latest adventure has reminded me of something I have learned the hard way and something I regret not having started at the beginning of my medical journey. Namely, to keep a log of every medical event, medication, and symtpom. It is very tedious to do so but it really pays off. When this all started I had a back ache and needed some PT to strengthen my core. It is almost 4 years later, and 4 PTs, 3 surgeons, 2 pain management centers, 2 surgeries, a neurologist, brain scan, and heart damage to name only the highlights. I have had numerous med reactions and a serious and as yet uncertain illness that lasted months. After a while, there are so many variables that may be the cause of a symtpom or pain that no one can figure anything out. I knew from my log that the stomach pain had to do with the anti-bs. Lots of people have stomach pain from taking amoxycillin and the like. Docs wanted to blame it on my beloved Motrin but I was able to show them the pain only started after 14 days of penicillin and then adding the amoxy. But I only just discovered I had taken 5 times more amoxy than I was supposed to have.
I sure wish I had started this log on Day 1. No one thinks they are going to have a complicated problem or a failed fusion or complications from surgery. But if you do, it will be a whole lot easier to figure out what the problems might be if you can track things along the way. Just some advice from someone still in the trenches. Take care - Suzy-Q