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I felt the same! But you know what? It does get better and you start to find things you really couldn't do (without even realising it). Simple things like going to the gym, popping in for an unplanned pint after work, bogging off on holiday on a whim - and you can go for 2 weeks, no pesky treatment to get back for

If it's any consolation beforehand I was allergic to nothing (well, penicillin which doesn't affect your everyday life) - now I have contact dermatitis and eczema - they're just minor annoyances if the big scheme of things. Also it means that I can have expensive taste without looking like a prima donna - I can't wear silver - too much nickel - so everyone knows I can only wear white gold (yellow doesn't suit me) - pressie time's fab!!!!!

I know it can seem a little anti-climactic - you're so used to having to be at the hospital and getting your treatment etc - then, nothing - you're almost left to your own devices! As you get stronger things do get better

Ails xx