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I have 2 herniated discs in the cervical area, 1 in the lumbar and 1 in the thoraic area of my back..... osteophytes and spinal stenosis. I've done the shots, PT, PM and the meds. Same as you - now on Nexium in the am and pepcid in the PM as I developed gastric ulcers. Not from the bacteria so most likely from the meds. As I type, my back is killing me. Added to this mix is a host of uro/gyno probs from last surgery - which I am scheduled to have repaired once again in 3 wks and heel spurs... lol - a total mess!

I guess the only to get thru the days are just knowing we could all be a lot worse off. I just have to figure out how I can juggle a job with this lifestyle of mine. How do you do it?