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Lia, oh geez, don't tell my son about meditation or he'll be doing that next. I think my son is rather eccentric, sounds like yours is too, or they just dance to the beat of a different drummer. Actually, my son likes being "different"! I guess that can be good & bad...
I did the same thing today, the grocery routine. UGH. I usually go late in the day, like around 3 pm so that just as I'm getting home, hubby gets home & helps me haul them all in. Today he was late & by the time he got home I had hauled them all in too. My back was killing me just walking the stores, but we have food again for a while.
I wanted to ice mine tonite, but it had turned so cold out, down in the 30's at nite here again, this medwest weather kills me we can jump from 80 one day to 50 the next, which is just what's going to happen this week, they say Wed. 78, Thurs. 80 and them Friday 60's & SAt & Sun 50's again. I hate that, I think this sudden weather change hurts our backs too & my allergies are horrible too.
That is so good that your esophagus is feeling even a tad bit better. Anything is an improvement. I can sort of understand, one of the anti-depressant meds I was trying, caused everything to taste different, I would get nauseous & also made my reflux flare up even on my nexium & pepcid. Maybe it's the zantac helping you, I swear by nexium, but I have a friend that it did nothing for, so just changing one of the reflux meds may be the answer. Can't imagine pain everytime you eat or drink. That has to be horrible.
Can't remember, did you say you had grandchildren? Three of ours live only minutes away & the other three about an hour away. My other son is a nurse & is the one that lives an hour away. We had the oldest grandson over the weekend & then my son brought over the grand daughter, she is 4 and wanted to stay sunday & play with the little boy next door, he is the same age as her & there is no one her age in their subdivision. She is usully very pesty & I told my son, if she gets pesty, I'm calling you to come get her. I was not in the mood for her, when I'm in pain, I have little to no patience for pesty g-kids. The oldest is not pesty, he helps me a lot & is very good when he's here. Being they live under 5 mins from us, they are always in & out of here, most times I love it, but not when my back is this sore.
Told hubby tonite, don't even talk to me, I'm ready to jump on anyone who upsets me. Told him how sore my back is right now and now my shoulder & neck have that huge knot in it. Gosh isn't it fun?????? NOT!!
Hope my back feels better by tomorrow, I'm going to go get some ice for it right now & do it while I'm on the computer.
talk to you later.....
Lia, gotta make this short, as I'm way past my bedtime & exhausted. We have racoons that do that here. They are destructive creatures for sure & then also the baby rabbits who always make their home under my decks, eat every new flower that comes up before it has a chance.

My hubby, dinlaw & I all have this, I think it's a virus. We didnt' go out to eat for sons bday, we are all too sick. We all have the diahrrea, plus headaches & fevers & today I had the burning pain, like when my ulcers were bad, so I started on my pepcid 3 times a day & a bland diet. All I've eaten is some toast, some crackers & some oatmeal today. I didn't have the diah. today, so maybe that is helping.

We did get to open his presents & I had made a cake, which everyone ate with fear!!! LOL
We were all afraid we'd be running into each other running to the bathroom. So far the cake has stayed down.
We have postponed our dining out til next weekend, probably Sat. as the restaurants will be packed on sunday.
Hoping to bring our boat home tomorrow to clean it this week & put it in the water at the marina next sunday.
The weather looks like warming up after monday & all the week, so that is making me happy.
Talk to you later, lori