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Heartland ~ Gee, that was awfully nice of you....I can only imagine what the long version would be. :D There seemed to be a technical problem here for a while & was afraid I wouldn't get to say goodbye. Glad I was able to get through. I'm going to really miss my friends here ;)

Well we're pretty much packed up and ready to go. I'm really looking forward to it. Once we get there I should be fine.

Will try to check in once or twice a week depending on how things go....tom may go on a fishing excusion so I may go on a cyber one ;) Hopefully the waters will be calm enough for me to go as well.

Thanks for the sendoff...you're a terrific friend.....Goody :wave:

Blessings.....thanks for the info...I did pack pepcid and the lime juice seemed to do the trick :bouncing: I'm sorry to hear about your son moving....how far away will he be???? And perhaps it will be a good place to bring the motorhome for visits. ;) Family always finds a way to be together. No setbacks, Blessings :nono: You need to take care of yourself. Will see you when I get back & who knows, I may make a surprise appearance from Cancun :jester: You take care of that back & I will pray that the weather warms up for you.

Shawley.....You better lay off the pain meds, man. :yawn: ....Goody :wave: