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My 7 month old is a puker, has been since day 1. We have tried zantac, for possible reflux, no change. Changed his formula to Nutrimagen and switched from zantac to pepcid 1ml twice a day, no change. Now the doctor wants to continue the pepcid and has prescribed him neocate formula. Now my question is because this formula is predigested and does not sit in the stomach long (is what I was told by dr.) will my son want to eat more often? He usually eats every 4-5 hours but I gave him a bottle at 1030 and he was screaming by 12noon for a bottle and did not stop until I gave him another bottle. So is this normal for him to want to eat more often? Thanks anyone who responds would also like to know if anyone else has had a child on this formula and how it worked or if it didnt did they find out what was the real problem? I personally don't think this is the problem but I have to go through whatever steps I guess.