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I thought I was sooo prepared for the surgery...the only thing was that I was seriously immobile for a good bit of time. A solid 2 weeks...I had a fusion in my thoracic area with a chest tube and brace. It just surprised me how much helpless I was.
Anyway, the biggest help for me....a small bedside table with the following items at all times:

1) Water
2) Tissues
3) Any meds you need ( I was so weak I couldn't open them...I really could not believe it, but it was true), STOOL softner (trust me, trust me)
4) All remotes
5) Hand sanitizer
6) Phone (with avialable numbers)
7) HeadOn for my headaches, Visine for eyes, Chapstick (very dry after surgery), Pepto, Pepcid etc..
8) small notepad with pen-you'll need to write down things like times you took meds, in case things get too hazy
9) Ipod...or distraction method you choose to help you
10) Treats for my cats, so they would be distracted and stop meowing in the middle of the night/day
11) Back-scratcher (soo important)
12) Thermometer
13) Available money...just enough for a run to CVS for someone for you
14) Extra guaze dressing with medical tape....I ended up needing this, thats why I included it
15) lotion...if you have to wear a brace...its pretty dry under there, and you'll end up scratching to death if not lotioned well
16) hard candy...I couldn't eat for a week or two, so the hard candy helped with taste, blood sugar, and keeping mouth salivated
17) My prayer book

Anyway...the Grabber is key as well :wave: If I can think of any others Ducks, I'll let you know. Good luck!