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My fiance has an 8 year old daughter. His ex has her on a ton of medications that we're wondering if they're ALL necessary. The only doctor his ex has taken her to is her pediatrician that has diagnosed her with asthma, among other things. My fiance's family has a history of pretty bad allergies, which leads us to believe she only has allergies, not asthma (she's never had an asthma attack, has never had trouble breathing, no wheezing, etc.). Her meds include: Singulair, Zyrtec, Pepcid AC (the pediatrician diagnosed her with acid reflux because she had a stomach ache), Levsin (which is also for her stomach aches, I suppose), Flonase (she has a runny nose sometimes), and she also takes Pulmicort and Albuterol through a nebulizer. These are all medications taken DAILY. My fiance is in the process of getting all of her medical records (since his ex doesn't send him anything) showing what tests have been performed to prove these diagnoses. We plan on taking her to see an allergy specialist after we review her medical records. I understand that some allergies can cause asthma symptoms, but she's never had any. Has anyone ever heard of taking all of these meds at one time? Are pediatricians supposed to diagnose and treat something like this or should they refer you to a specialist for a second opinion to make sure?