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Well bg, my twin....we are gonna get better every day, and before long this will all be a distant memory....to bad we can't push fast forward.

I had the gross worst problem I couldnt go to the bathroom for six days....i swear on top of being bloated from the surgery..i look pregnant. My dad says my face looks swollen to. But I had been given pepcid and colace at the hosptial all the time, then i took fibercon and last night i took ducoloax,,,finally got to go...and it wasn't fun...sorry.

I'm trying to make a habit like roy47 did, everytime he got up to pee he did laps around the house while he was alredy up. I can stand the recliner for about an hour, usually sleep on my side.

My throat hasn't bothered me much, they even were nice enought to not give me a cathereter.

Well sorry for the gross details...talk to you soon vette
Ya'll I can't seem to lay down. All I can seem to DO IS laps around the house, keep moving so to speak. It's more painful to lay. Until I finally give out, and lay down on the polar ice for about 45mins to an hour. The nursing staff from the hosp just called, and she said this was a GOOD thing.
She called to ask about Nursing care while in the hosp. LOL..she got an earful.... :dizzy:

I called the doc this morning about the roof of the mouth being swollen and white. Hubbs looked at it with a light, even took a pic with my cell phone so I could see it, lol. Waiting for the doc to call me back. Not running a temp or anything so I know thats a good thing.

As for Bathroom matters, I was given pepcid while in the hosp too, had a bm before I left. I had that bloating and hurting on the second day at the hosp. I haven't had a BM since getting home, so I started taking two stool softeners in the am and two in the pm. I told the hosp nurse this and she said "good". I hope so. But I'm not bloating or hurting...but then again, I was never in my life growing up, "an every day kinda girl" if ya get my drift. I'd go every 3 or 4 days. Thats just the norm for me...but I don't want to take any chances.

I hurt like HELL today. Didn't sleep much last night. Changed my patch to 25mcg from 50mcg so I hope that doesn't present many obstacles. THe spasams in the BACK area seem to be getting worse. Feeling just blah and fluish! ICK!!!

I'm keeping a journal to help me remeber things. Pain levels, when I took meds, how things feel, burn vs. tingle vs. spasm, vs well you get the pic. Plus it just kills some time. LOL

Hopefully today will be better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today. May I just say "pain sucks" it's official. LOL.

Hugs. Ya;ll try to rest.