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Hi Harmony! Before you taking any of your pills, be sure to eat a yogurt, slice bread, crackers, or something to absorb the meds in your stomach. If your stomach continues to bother you, call your doctor or get some pepcid or tagment, it is over the counter and see if that helps.

Take care and know that you are in my prayers.
I am so glad your home!!! I know the first few days are the toughest, but we are here to try to help you along the way!!!! At the hospital they gave me pepcid maybe your hubby could pick you some up. But you do have to eat with all those meds. Plus when you first come home from the hospital you still have lots of other stuff in your system still. DON'T FORGET TO TAKE SOMETHING TO HELP YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM. You don't want to be like me...let's put it this way...it made me cry.

Your typing is great, I just looked back at my first post yesterday and I looked way high, but I had to adjust to typing in bed.

Hope your feeling good. Will check in later to hear everything.

So glad your on the other side, now you are on your way, to having your life back :blob_fire
I had a banana with my med but probably should have had more than that. Once my stomach feels better, I think I'll have to take just tylenol until I get something for my stomach. I had a bm in the hospital the day I went home and didn't have to have a stool softner. My husband brought me a pear and I think that helped. :-) I'm not suppose to walk much right now and I don't have a brace. I will get it next week (long, long story) but the dr. said it is okay and I won't do anything to damage the disk since the hardware is so strong in there. He said it's mostly for comfort and to remind me not to bend or twist. I felt better in the hospital, guess the meds they gave me worked better. I had no morphine pump as I thought I would, I didn't need it. I had morphine in the recovery room; then Toradol (sp?) and reglan for nausea. For home, I have Percocet. I also had an implanted pump (nothing I pump or control) that would drip an antiseptic like lidocaine on the incision which was neat. Oh yeah, they did give me pepcid everyday. Would Prilosec be the same? I have that already.