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omg thank u all.... the pills that he gave me were for my acid reflux and r called famotidine 40 mg (generic for pepcid)... and he took me off of those and put me on protonix 40mg cause the pepcid was not working as good as they should so these r stronger....
when i stand up yeah i get very dizzy but i dont stay dizzy... it lasts for maybe a min (when i get dizzy sometimes my vision is very blurry and i am very lightheaded) , but if i continue to stand for a couple of min i start to get dizzy again.... also yesterday i went out to eat with my parents just to get out of the house ( had chicken alfredo) and just with me sitting at the table for maybe an hour i started getting dizzy maybe at the first 20 min
also i did have an infection in my mouth... i was with my friends baby one day she gave me a kiss on the lips when i was leaving and i did realize that she had a starting of herpes virus in her mouth... so a couple of days later my mouth started to break out in cold sores (dang it hurts and i just picture what she went though and she is 2) but mine went all the way down my throat....
also yeah that is all i have ben eatting.... my mother has been buying me those healthy choice, smart ones stuff like that.... mostly just noodles and chicken... c the thing is.... i dont know what i can hold down... my body is still very weak from when i was not eatting... and now with me having acid reflux there r things that i cant eat anymore... when i was sick about 2 weeks i thought i was starting to get alitte better so i decided to have some chicken parm ( should not have with acid refux NO italian) and it took no longer than 10 min for all that to come up..... so i am kinda scared of what i can eat so i have been eatting almost the same thing everyday...... but also i was looking up information on low blood pressure on what foods to eat when u have low blood pressure and they say no rice no pasta stuff like that and that is all i have been eatting... but looking at it positive they r loaded with sodiumthe one i am eatting 2day has 700mg for the dinner... i really dont mind taking the salt tablets they r not all that tasty but if it is goin to help i'll live