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8-9 months ago I began getting this tingling feeling around the upper right side of my back (near the shoulder blade I guess). The feeling is best described as something crawling across my skin. I never really thought anything about it because it would only happen once every couple of weeks and lasted a few seconds before completely disappearing.

Two and half weeks ago I began having really bad nausea (no throwing up, just a throbbing feeling in my stomach) and shortly after I found out I had a bladder infection. I also started having heartburn and lost a few pounds (though it might be more than just a 'few pounds' since today my sister commented that I look anorexic...)

I've seen two doctors, the first prescribed antibiotics for the infection and the second told me to take pepcid every night for one month. Those problems, along with the nausea have pretty much gone away.

Two nights ago the tingling feeling in my back returned but it didn't disappear the way it normally did. I've had it every day since then and now I'm starting to feel the tingling on the left side of my mid back and I have upper back / neck pain, along with slight aches and pains here and there.

Last night I was rubbing my neck and felt what seems to be a bone slightly protruding. It's located where the neck meets the shoulders / back and is situated right where my spine is. Is it possible that this is normal and the reason I can feel this is because I'm quite skinny and the skin there is very tight? Or could this possibly be a tumor or something? I'm concerned because I'm having some aching right on my spine around the middle of my back.

I have a doctors appointment on the 20th and I'm wondering, if he can't give me good answers can I ask him to refer me to a specialist? If so, what kind would I see and what kind of tests would I need to have done?

My sister told me that many of the things that I'm feeling are symptoms of multiple sclerosis...I'm not willing to accept that at the moment, but I've been doing quite a bit of reading on it and I do have many of the symptoms associated with it...

But anyway, back to my main question, what could be causing all of this? Have any of you gone through something similar (and discovered what was wrong)? Any type of input would be highly appreciated!