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I started PT just after my 10th week. I am fused at the same level as you. My doc also was the same as yours. If you have a PT group that only does spines.. that is a huge plus! I got lucky with my therapist as well. This lady specialized in rehab spine patients. She was nothing short of amazing.

You will feel so much better once you get your body moving more normally again. Dont be surprised if you get flared up a few times through it. It is to be expected. Just completely tell the PT everything you feel, where, the good and the bad. That way they get to know you, your body and how it responds best.

cant help you with the gas thing. I was very careful with my diet so I knew what was going to keep me in a good place and what wouldnt. Have you tried a zantec or a pepcid and see if that helps?