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Hello aether,

Sorry I ranted in my last post...ironically, the night before I woke up 3 or more times (that I remember) because I was so congested I kept ripping off my cpap mask. I wrote that post when I was seriously sleep deprived. Interestingly enough, my pressures yesterday ranged in the 150's/100's. Took an over the counter allergy pill last night (never used these before) and pressures are back to normal this am---117/81. Can't believe the difference.

But back to the acid reflux. Yes, I am very lucky to have accidentally found the solution to my reflux. Now that I've had some sleep, I realize that I was 14 years old when I first began having the tests done for my digestive problems. My first prescription was for Tagamet, which several years later went generic. In the years before cpap, I was on prescriptions for prilosec and pepcid, if I recall correctly. Although I had pain, acid in my throat and nose was more of a problem...and of course, the vomiting. The pain was minor considering the times I had to excuse myself from events (a concert comes to mind) to use the bathroom to vomit because of excess acid. Not to be gross but those are the facts.

Cpap treatment is certainly not going to work for everyone...but how unfortunate, that the doctors do not actively look for apnea when reflux exists.

Thanks for your posts, aether. Appreciate the info that you share...every bit helps and leads to more knowledge!