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I'm really in a mess :) I am a 29 yo female & recently went on Labetalol 2x a day (100mg). This is a pretty low dose & it will be interesting to see if it has an affect on my BP. I DO think it will since it's been so difficult to figure out if my problem really is BP or if it's anxiety. I used to have high BP until I lost 50 pounds & quit smoking. I had GREAT pressure. Then I got pregnant. At term, my BP shot up to 150/90 and everyone was paying so much dang attention to it that I started having panic attacks again. It was terrible. I stayed in the hospital a few times with pressures all over the place. (106/64 up to 160/105). I got to where I couldn't even check my pressure at home without having an anxiety attack, so I just quit. Well, 2 weeks post partum, I was feeling really weird & wanted to know my pressure. I took it and it was 165/100. I freaked, saw my doc and got put on meds. My doc got a reading of 170/101 the same day but later got a 140/92 reading as well.

I've felt GREAT since starting the Labetalol. It seems to have helped curb my anxiety. I don't seem to be freaking out as much, but I'm still to chicken to check my pressure. Isn't that terrible? I just don't know what I would do if it were really high. The last two times I checked it at home, I went to my doctor or the hospital & I can't afford the time to do either right now w/ a newborn.

Ugh. This got more involved than I anticipated. My major question is does anyone have experience taking pain meds w/ a beta blocker? I'm having severe upper back/lower neck pain & would LOVE to take a Percocet that was given to me for my C-Section. I can't find that there's any interaction, but I know beta blockers slow your heart rate.

If anyone has any experience w/ hypertention and pregnancy, I would love to hear about it. I'm hoping it will resolve itself, but I have a huge family history, so I"m not too hoperful. However, I'd love to hear what others AVOID while on beta blocker?