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Hello all. I am new to the board.... A little backround before the question. I'm 24 years old and have suffered from severe joint pain (suspected Rhumetiod Arthritis) for about 5 years. I started suffering from heartburn about 3 years ago while pregnant, and have had horrid episodes since then. When I say horrid, I mean clutching my chest-convinced I'm having a heart attack-mouth filling with acid-wishing I could die right there pain. Water gives me pain. Bread, plain gives me pain. I live on Ensure drinks now! I do not currently have insurance, and have been without it for about 8 years. I am getting it for the first time next month.

I have been taking Prilosec OTC everyday for about 6 months, along with Pepcid AC almost daily.

Up until last week I was taking 800mg Ibuprofin 4-6 times a week for my pain. I went to the ER last week because the burning in my stomach was so bad I couldn't take it. They did an ultrasound on my liver, gallblader and kidneys and saw nothing. I confessed to my addiction to the pain med, and the Dr. insisted that was the cause of all my problems. He sadi the ibuprofin was eating away my stomach and gave me a script for prednisone, percocet and promethazine (for nausea.)

My questions is, could the ibuprofin really have been the cause for all my sypmtoms? When I go to the dr. next month, what type of tests should I request? I don't want the dr. to blow it off as problem solved because I stopped taking the ibuprofin if there could be another problem. AND, I take one prilosec everyday... can I take 2?