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[FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Hi Ladybug - I apologize for not replying sooner to your post...I'm sorry...for the last week or so, I have been going through a rough time mentally...for some reason I'm finding it difficult to pull myself out of it...I do my best to put on a happy face when I need to, like when my son is around, but when I'm alone, I feel so darn miserable...I'm hoping this goes away soon...I know I feel this way b/c of the problems I'm having with my back, my pain and all these CRAZY, COMPASSIONLESS doctors I keep getting stuck with.

My appt today with my former PM was a waste of my time like I thought it would be, but I knew I needed to try b/c there's only about 5 PM's in my area that my insurance covers...He wasn't interested in taking over my pain mgmt...when he found out I have been on oxy and percocet for about a yr he immediately shut down, said he didn't rx oxy b/c he'd been burned before rxing oxy...I told him I didn't care what I was rx'd as long as my pain was controlled, I explained my neuro put me on oxy after surgery, I didn't request oxy, infact I had never heard of oxy prior to neuro rxing it...I asked him what he rx'd patients instead, he said methodone and durgesic patches...he didn't offer to take over my meds...he just repeatedly told me to keep seeing the same PM doctor I am currently seeing...I kept telling him my current PM is out of network and he kept saying that was hard to believe...he said he would have his office girls check on that...lol, yeah, like I didn't do my homework...btw, why would he want to have his office girls go to all that trouble if I'm not his patient? In the end, he told me he would refer me to another neuro for a 2nd opinion but wouldn't recommend further surgery b/c that would only make my pain worse...but he couldn't recommend any other treatment options to try to help relieve my pain and give me back my life...he also told me to keep seeing my current PM for meds and other procedures and btw he wants to see me in 4-6 weeks for a follow-up but I'm not sure why.

I'm starting to realize there is no hope...I'm probably going to be like this for the rest of my life...gee, what fun! At this point, I'm going to schedule an appt with my GP...if anyone will help me, it will be her.

I am so glad your medical reports are finally ready! What happens now? Will you have a consult with the neuro? I am sincerely happy for you...I hope things start to speed up from here...you've had to wait entirely too long already. Keep me updated!

Take care,
[FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Navy"]Hello Ladybug,

I have WONDERFUL news...my appt this morning with my GP went GREAT...I finally found a compassionate doctor willing to completely take over my pain mgmt, including prescribing my meds, long-term, not short-term...she actually took an hour and a half of her time to sit down with me this morning, she wanted to know everything that has happened since she had referred me to my first PM doctor for ESI's...I explained everything, I didn't leave anything out...I explained to her that most days my pain level is an 8 even though I take oxy and percocet...I explained my current PM refused to increase the oxy or switch me to a diff long lasting med...I told her I thought he was a good doctor but had terrible bedside manner and she told me I was too charitable...she's right, I am...she did not hesitate to help me...I explained how since I had fusion surgery my life has stopped...I told her that most of the time the only time I leave my home is to go to doctor appts b/c of the severity of my pain...I explained that me and my son do not go anywhere during the day unless my husband or my mother is around to help, again, b/c of my pain...it's too much, if I'm having a good pain day and venture out with my son, I pay for it for the next few days...my GP was WONDERFUL...she said she doesn't have a problem prescribing oxy but she thinks maybe my body needs a break from it, maybe I've been on it too long and that's why it's not working as well...she said methodone would be ideal for me but she fears I might experience some withdrawal while transitioning from oxy to methodone, so she decided to switch me to duragesic patches 50 mg's...she told me the patches come in 25, 50, 75 and 100 mg's, she told me to be patient with her b/c it might take some time and some adjusting to get my pain under control...she said her goal is to get my pain level down to about a 4, she said an 8 is unacceptable...I told her I could probably run a marathon if my pain level was a 4...I have enough oxy to last until next friday, the 15th, so I'll start the patch next saturday, she made it very clear to call her if the 50 mg patch does not control my pain better or if my pain gets worse than it is now...she is still prescribing percocet for breakthrough pain....she told me to keep the appt with the new neuro scheduled for next monday and have him send everything...notes and test results, etc...to her instead of my former PM. I told her former PM thinks new neuro will send me for a discogram...she said they're extremely painful and she's not convinced it's worthwhile in my situation b/c more than likely this new neuro is not going to be willing to take my case on b/c another surgeon has already "marked his territory"...she said it would be a different story if the neuro that did my first fusion wanted the discogram but he has hung me out to dry, so to speak...she has been the first honest doctor I have talked to since my back problems started. I am so thankful. At this point, I am HAPPY, it's nice knowing I don't have to worry about finding a new PM...I need to take some down time before diving back into the search for the next treatment that may make my back better.

My GP did confirm a few things I have heard many wise spineys say before...PM doctor's push injections b/c that's where they make their money and that's why at my last appt with my PM he was annoyed...b/c my injections didn't work...at that appt he told me he was going to send me back to my neurosurgeon but he first wanted to try two more injections, this time two nerve blocks...I believe that's why he refused to increase my meds. She also confirmed my fears about surgeons...I've heard that once a surgeon has operated on your back, it's extremely difficult to find another surgeon willing to do additional surgery on your back...you're a liability...my doctor said while she's not a surgeon, so she can't 100% confirm that, she has heard that is true. I told her about my appt next monday with a new neurosurgeon for a 2nd opinion...I explained that I have already decided to walk into the appt with no expectations, so regardless I won't be disappointed...she thought that was a good idea, especially considering everything I've been through with doctors.

I AM SO RELIEVED...you have no idea...I am normally a calm, laid back, happy person but since Jan 20th, when I discovered my PM wasn't in network, I became a wreck...I wasn't eating, sleeping...I think I was having anxiety attacks...I was not well...when I got home from my appt today I realized how exhausted I was so I slept all day...my husband took the day off so he could take care of little E...I ate and slept...it felt GREAT. I actually ate and slept after I called and fired my PM doctor...it felt WONDERFUL to fire him...the same office girl that is supposedly looking into their big mess up w/my ins co took my call and asked if I wanted to reschedule, I said "no, thank you"...she sounded surprised and said "all, ok", I told her to have a nice day and hung up...I didn't say one word about the $2K I owe him, I could care less...I have no job, so suing me or attempting to garnish my wages would be a waste of his money...I don't plan to waste anymore of my time calling his office or the company he contracts with to do his billing to try to resolve this issue, it's not my problem.

Do you have a good GP? If you do, have you sat down and discussed your back problems with him or her? I'm asking b/c I'm quite certain any neurosurgeon is probably going to recommend surgery to you b/c they like to cut, that's what they do, and if want to try other treatment options I think you need to talk to another doctor who may be able to let you know what other options you have...I know why you're waiting to see the neuro but would you be compromising your "status" if you went to see your GP, just to talk about treatment options? Technically they wouldn't have to know why you had an appt with your GP, right? I'm thinking that may be something you should do before the appt with the neuro, so when you ask the neuro about your options other than surgery, if he tells you there are none, you'll know whether he's being honest or not...I would stay away from the PM doctors...I don't trust them....they're greedy and not looking out for your best interest.. I certainly understand your concern over the numb like feeling you're having in your feet and legs...I am concerned that you're having pins/needles/numbing feeling in BOTH of your feet...that makes me wonder what the heck is wrong with your back, it sounds like both of your sciatic nerves - the right and the left - are being compressed, otherwise you would NOT be having the numb like feeling in both of your feet...what are these people making you wait for? Knowing that...hmmm...ladybug...makes me think surgery may be your only option...either way you will probably have permanent nerve damage b/c those nerves have been compressed way too long, but don't think of permanent nerve damage as the worse thing that could happen to you...I have permanent nerve damage...I have a "dead" (numb) left leg and foot (from my left thigh to my foot) but I walk fine, just a little limp and I have a 2 yr old to chase after...keep your faith...don't give up...focus now on finding out about other treatment options before your neuro appt.

Hang in there Ladybug and keep posting...God will see you through this.

Take care,