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Sounds like alot of us are in the same boat ( wish we could sail it somewhere warm) I had a 2 level furion in my neck in 2004 but 3 levels needed work. My neuro said that a 3 level fusion would be a difficult recovery so we would do 2 with the understanding that I might have to do it again. well I think that time maybe approaching. I have been so stiff lately I feel like I have whiplash. I do know some of this is from the sub zero temps around here. Anyway in nov. 2006 I had a lumbar fusion and life has never been the same. I have more leg pain than I had before surgery and I cannot walk as far as I used to either. I am only 46 and on disability and that was a fight. This spine stuff is soul wrenching. I know there are worse things but I know you know what I mean. I was taking percocet before fusion and now I am taking morphine. I guess I will have to have some sort of pain meds always but I do not ever want lumbar surgery again, unless they come up with something miraculous. So I guess my plan is stay in pain management and hope for the best.I don't know much about radio0frequency except that a doctor wanted my mom to do it after she fractured a vertebrae. She's a big chicken about everything!!!

well keep me posted. I am really curious to find out if this works for you. Oh and if you are having cervical problems I recommend prolotherapy. It lasted quite awhile for me but it is painful and I do the sedation with it and all the other procedures too. I am a bit of a chicken myself (lol)

Take Care, Dee