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I had a discetomy in 1/06 that I considered very successful. In 12/07 I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and has a fusion at L5/S1 on January 15th.(2 weeks ago) I was doing great until day 7 post surgery when I started having leg pain in both legs that feels like my legs are in a vise twisting them from the bottom of my rear to the back of my ankle. This is not the same pain I had in 06 that I would consider sciatica (more of an electrical shooting pain only in one leg.)
My calves and hamstrings feel like the are going to burn out of my legs. Percocet gives minor relief. Doc put me on prednisone for 6 days and it helped some but since I'm off of it the pain is back. He took an x-ray of the fusion and said all looks great. Doc is baffled since I had no leg pain pre-surgery just back pain. He wants to give it some time before trying nerve meds (what the heck are they) or doing another MRI. Giving it time is easy for him to say when I'm the one in pain. Anyone else have this experience or any ideas?