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marlosmom -> i thank you so much for your input and i'm glad to hear that the surgery was a success for you ! i did see 3 doctors before i reached my decsion to have this suregery performed. i saw a neurosergent and 2 orthos , the orthopeadic doctor " dr. phair " will be doing the operation {8hrs long } . i have ben in a great deal of pain and to be honest , i can't wait to have this surgery done so i can move on with my life.. i am concerned on what type of pain meds that they will put me on after the surgery , i;m currently on percocet. these pain pills don't do much for my pain , what did they give you after your operation ? o yeah ware do you live that your getting all the snow ? , i live in n,j and it really has not snowed yet this year . thank you and god bless
HI, Welcome to the club, even though it's not the best club to be a member of. I had L5/S1 fusion 3 weeks ago. I had a discectomy in 1/06 that lasted about 18 months then I started having severe back pain.

My surgery was a piece of cake for the first week. The first night in the hospital I was up walking the halls with no help at all. They kept me very comfortable with pain meds. Went home on day 4. I thought it was way to easy until day 7 when I hit a brick wall. Apparently this is common due to the fact that they coat you internally with some type of pain meds that last about a week from what I have read on this site . My legs started having terrible pain from the bottom of my rear to the back of my heals. It feels like they are in a vise being twisted and pulled. Went to the doc on day 13 and he said the x-ray shows things look good. He gave me no reason for the pain. I take percocet and it gives me some relief. From what everyone on the message board has said it is probably nerve pain due to sweling and pressure. Hopefully it will go away in time, but it hurts alot.

I haven't had any pain at all at the surgical site on my stomach. Not to much pain in my back either. I have been somewhat fatigued and stir crazy in the house. I have been trying to go outside when the weather is nice but that is hard to do in Ohio. Everyone says the best thing to do is walk,walk, and walk some more.

Everyone has a different experience when they have surgery. I think in my case the recovery is way worse than the surgery itself. Do what the doc tells you to do, baby your back and take your pain meds.

I hope I have been some help. I'm sure you will get through it just fine. If you have any other questions about my experience feel free to ask. Good luck with your surgery.................Debbie
I had a 360 (both front and back incisions) and had 8 levels done this time around. I was on morphine and I-don't-know-what-else in the hospital. I came home with Percocet, stayed on that for a couple of months, then switched to Vicodin and am still on it. I take Colace everyday, too, as pain meds notoriously cause constipation. I started PT at about 3 1/2 or 4 months.

Keep yourself as busy as you can, especially in the last few days. It will help keep you from being too anxious. But it's very normal to be anxious. This is a big surgery with a long recovery. The more prepared you are ahead of time, the better it will be for you, so spend these last couple of weeks doing everything you can to make your life easier while you're healing.

I got a ton of movies from a discount web site and friends lent me more movies than I could even watch. The Percocet made my eyes feel fuzzy, so I didn't want to read much, but I watched the first five minutes of a lot of movies. Then I'd wake up half an hour later and my kids would roll their eyes as I rewound to where I had drifted off. :D We usually check movies out for free from the library, but since I'm the one who keeps track of what's due, I didn't think that would be a good idea, as the fine is a buck a day per movie if they're late. This was a good excuse to get to buy a bunch of old classics and personal favorites, the ones I can watch over and over again.

If you have other questions, we'll try to help.
Take care,