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I just (2/5) had a spinal fusion and laminectomy, L4 to L5/3.
It was to correct post-laminectomy syndrome--from a fusion and laminectomy done in 1972 of L5 to S1.
FYI. in '72 I was in the hospital for 10 days and have a 12" horizontal scar. This time I was in the hospital 2 (!) days and have 4 very small vertical incisions (2 on each side of the spine). I am now 6 days out, am home and walking and sitting pretty normally, with very little pain.

If I am lying down or sitting with my legs other than vertical, my legs begin to ache. It hurts worse than the back and is interfering with my sleep. The Percocet helps, but I don't want to use it any more than absolutely necessary and want off it completely asap.

Has anyone had this problem and, if so, what did your MD say to do about it?

(I'm checking with mine later today--you can't get through on Monday a.m.)

BTW. This board is fantastic. I feel so lucky that both my surgeries have gone so well.
Hi, I am 4 weeks post surgery, fusion L5/S1. I was feeling great until day 8 when I started having leg pain. It was severe for about 10 days.. It felt like a vise twisting and pulling my muscles from the bottom of my rear to the back of my heals. It is getting better now. I actually made it today with no pain meds until about 8:00 PM. Then I gave in. My calves seem to bother me the most now and I have a general achy feeling in my legs and lower back. I am pretty sure we are experiencing nerve pain from the swelling and pressure of the surgery. Hopefully over time it will get better. I have been walking as much as possible since that is what everyone says is the best thing to do. I have not taken nerve meds, am trying to avoid that route. I am looking forward to therapy because alot of people have said they benefited from it alot. My pain started out like yours when I was lying down but gradually it started to bother me all the time. I use percocet for pain also. It is very early for you, and like mine, the pain will be transient for a while. Don't start to panick yet, I think what we are feeling is somewhat normal after our type of surgery. Good luck on you recovery...................Debbie
:(Did any of you consider that it might be nerve pain I don't want to scare any of you but, I have had spinal fusion at L4 to S1, spinal fusion in November of 2004 and to this day have not had a free day that there was no pain !!!!:mad: I have been going to PM for over two years now! When I stand ,walk ,bend, sit or lay down in the bed I wake up every 1 to 2 hours in pain and have been on morophine and percocet an a muscle relaxer and a sleeping pill before the surgery. Like I said I don't wan't to scare any of you but They have not found a diagnosis for the reason for all my pain and why I can't do anything any more, I am still trying to find the problem with my back and yes my legs hurt feel heavy and the lower part of my back feels like it is going to come in half there is a lot of heat a site on both sides of my back so I sit on ice more frequent than not, the pain meds seem only to make my pain somewhat tolerable so I can at least get up may be do a small amount of house work by that, I mean just get by no serious cleaning at all I have to have some one to come and clean at least 2 times a month. So don't let me discourage you some of you seem to be able to get good surgery and I have gotten a bad one I hope for the best for you and that your's dont give the problems that mine has me. I keep my hopes up for better day's, you do the same, yes!! there are people out there that have simular problems as you or worse! And yes this is a fantastic board we vent alot and try to give people different views of the facts.:dizzy: Keeping every one in my prayers:angel: everyone have a good day.Jerris