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Ditto! This was a huge surgery, and you need to have your pain controlled as you heal. It's a long recovery. I was on Percocet for pain, which worked well. I think I was on that for a couple of months before I was switched to Vicodin.

I think you're wise to not worry about getting off the pain meds. You're on them for a reason! The time will come when it's appropriate to start decreasing dosages until you find that you no longer need them. There's no reason to hurry that along. Keeping your pain under control will help you heal, as you won't be using energy to just get through the pain.

Keep doing what you're doing! It sounds like you're right on track!

I am 7 weeks after my second major surgery too. I learned one thing: your body tells you when you are ready to make any changes.
Honestly my PM and surgeon are happy the way i handle my PK meds.
They told me to take 2x10/325 Percocets every 3 hours. I take other meds too for neuropathy pain as directed.

I took PK for the first 4 weeks as directed and than i tried one pill instead of 2 every 4 hours. If I have a very bad day - I take as directed, but in a better days I still try to take one pill.
Works for me great. My DRs tell me that my body is the best barometer and I should listen to it.
Just make sure you keep your pain under reasonable control: don't let your pain elevate too much, than is very hard to lower, takes a long time.
Best wishes on your recovery!:angel: