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hi everyone! i hadn't posted an update in a while about my recovery, so i thought i would do so, for those of you interested to know.

i am amost 3 months post-op and first, i am sooooo excited to say that i have been able to take only 1-2 7.5mg percocet a day for the past week!!! i was taking 10mg every 5-6 hours for a full 2 months!! i feel that is a HUGE step in my recovery. and i haven't needed to take any valium for spasms since last week!!!!

i am also sleeping through the night, without the assistance of pain medication OR sleep aids! i wake up in the mornings feeling refreshed and literally PAIN FREE. of course, once i have showered, dressed myself, and helped my husband get our 3 year old twins dressed and ready for preschool, i am definitely tired and a little achy. but not to the point where i run to the medicine cabinet for pain meds.

i had been taking cymablta 60mg for 2 months after surgery, because i was so distraught from our tragic accident and the realization of my life changes ahead. i was emotionally a mess and disconnected. i am now starting to back that down to 60 mg every other day! and i still feel great!!!

i had a ct scan a few weeks ago, but i won't find out the results until my dr's appt next week. i will also have an xray then too. that appt will be my 3 MONTH post-surgery appointment. i will find out how my back is healing and hopefully everything is FUSING on track!!! i will find out about pyhsical therapy then too and i might be able to starting driving again soon???

i will post another update after my next appointment. please keep your fingers crossed for me and keep me in your prayers!!

i am overall doing great...it is amazing what the body can recover from...i am soooooo LUCKY!!

thanks for you support,