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Marlosmom, I had fusion of L5/S1 on Jan 15th. Currently I am on percocet and I take one around 11:00AM, 3:00PM, and then at 7:00PM. That seems to keep my pain level around a 4. My legs, ankles and lower back have a continual burning achy feeling. Sitting for any period of time is painful on my back. On the few days it was nice outside I would walk about 1/2 a mile. Otherwise I walk in the house. Daily I do the laundry, cooking, make the bed but nothing more strenous than that. My daughter has taken me grocery shopping several times, and short trips to pick-up meds at Target. She unloads packages but I put everything away. Going out to dinner tonight for a change of pace. I see the doc next week, and I have alot of questions to ask him. (nerve pain, nerve meds, PT, etc). That is a day in my life and I really don't know if I am under or over doing it. How does it compare to your daily activity? Hope I was of some help. I have been trying to follow your post since you are about a week ahead of me on this journey. Feel better..........................Debbie

P.S. Just wondering if you don't mind telling me how old you are as I think that makes a difference in the healing process.