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Lincoln, Emily & Baybreeze,

Thanks for your responses!

I forgot to mention I did go to a Pain Doc last year. He gave me some Lidocaine patches which helped a little bit at night. He said the next step for me would be some type of injections but I'm afraid to go there. Two years ago I had a spinal in order to blast a kidney stone and it really caused my nerve pain to flair up bad. My neurologist says I have some type of centralized nerve hyperexcitability and that I should avoid having needles put in my spine at all cost.

I'm puzzled too why the MRIs did not show something in regard to the sciatica. I'm not sure what part of the spine my MRI's were done on. A few months ago it was so bad I could barely walk, although by the time I had the MRI done the sciatic pain had subsided alot. Right now the pain that is bothering me the most is the pain in my spine itself. It's like a bad toothache that never goes away, all the way down to the tailbone. The only thing that kills the pain now is Percocet, but I only have 30 pills so I have to use them very sparingly.

The hardest part of this is not having a diagnosis. Some people (even docs) have told me that perhaps it's all anxiety or stress related, which to me implies it's all in my head. At least my neurologist says he can tell I'm hurting - he says he can see all the muscles in my back are tightened up due to the pain. But sometimes you start to doubt yourself when every test comes back as normal.

Thank you all again for your encouragement. It's nice having a place to come vent and know there are people who understand.