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Hi Charming Billy, and welcome home!

Congratulations on your "Grand Opening!" (And on your Grand Closing, too!) I'm glad it seems like it went so well so far. Now you need to just rest and walk, rest and walk, rest and walk.

I came home with Percocets, too, and was allowed 1-2 every 4-6 hours. I stuck with 2 every 4 hours for the first couple of weeks, then slowly tapered down just a little at a time as I could tolerate. At first, I even set the alarm so I wouldn't go the whole night without a dose. After a couple of months, I was switched to Vicodin, which is a little less strong. Are you taking the maximum dosage allowed? If you are and you're still in a lot of pain, you should feel free to call your doctor and explain that to them and ask for something stronger. You may not be completely out of pain, but you need for it to be tolerable.

Hang in there. Every day gets a little easier, but as you know, this will be a long recovery. The incision pain will let up in a week or so, but you'll still have internal healing to do. That just takes time, no getting around it. I'm glad you're able to be with family. That will help you a lot, not just with the physical help they'll give you, but in keeping your spirits up. Try to get some funny movies to watch. Laughter is good for the soul and good for healing!

Take care,
Yes, that's one drawback of the Percocet. They can't call it in. Every time I needed a refill, they were happy to give it to me, but I would have to send someone to go pick up the written prescription for me.

It was worth it, just a nuisance.

Marlosmom , Emily , Linda , Nina & every body that responded to my last post :::::
I am sorry that i have'nt responded earlier , but i am in a great deal of pain !! I got discharged sunday afternoon , my surgent was not there - it was one of his partners.. When my nurse came in my room with the paper work , there was scripts for ambien , klonopen{spelling} , and percocet.. I new something was wrong when i saw i got a script for 20 5 mg percs , they said doc. left and i will have to call P M doc today.. SO today i called doctor and they could not beleave they sent me home with only percocets , did'nt hear from doc untill 5 and my mom or sis could get there in time.. They are giving me dilaudid {oral} I've been taking 2 percs every 3-4 hours ....

my surgey was over 8 hrs long , i had a lot of scar tissue and my 2 discs were very bad - doc said they basically just fell apart.. He had to rework my whole lower spine - 2 rods and 6 screws , took bone from my pelvis and bone bank for the graft..He pretty much took my spine apart , than put it back together... FUN FUN FUN

MY moms is going to doctors at 9am to pick up script , god nos i need it..I'm in so much pain =surgical paim= my pain in leg is gone and i can feel my right foot AWSOME.....

GOD BLESS YOU ALL MISSED TALKEN WITH YA'S , was thinken about all of you
billy boy
LINDA---Hello linda hope all is well with you , my mother is on her way back from the doctors with the right medication !!! I have been taken 5mg percocets that have done nothing for my pain.. While I was in the hosp they had me on the pain pump{dilaudid} for about 3 days , than dilaudid pills..

My hospital stay was like a dream , did'nt really no what was going on - - lots of nurses , doctors , and PAIN..My surgey was not supposed to be so long and complicated but it was , It took him 1 1/2 hours just to get to my spine due to scar tissue..He told me that my l4/l5 , l5/s1 were in very very bad shape , basically just fell apart.. I woke up in the recovery room in pain , they gave me shots of dilaudid {doc.drug of choice} , noticed i had no more leg pain !!!!!!!!! thats an incredable feeling..

I have a walker , and i just did a couple laps around the house.. now i'm lying down and trying to relax.. I wanted to THANK all of you , and you no who you all are for helping and praying for me..



I am glad everything went well.
You are absolutely right: i don't know how did they sent you home with 5 mg? This is a dose which does not help me 2 month after the surgery,but right after??? Gosh, I just had my app with PM DR yesterday as you know i go to HSS in NYC. He changed me from 2 pills every 4 hours of Percocet (10/325 each) to Long Release Morphine: 8 am and 8 pm (15 mg) and brake through Oxycodone (15mg) every 4 hours as needed. And i am 2 month after surgery.
You should call your DR and talk to him. If he can't help you ask if PM can manage your meds.
Best of luck on your recovery.:angel: