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I don't know what to do because the pain is really bad today and I know I have only 2 more days to see the Neurosurgeon but I need help now. They didn't prescribe enough of the Percocet for me because they thought I would have already been in for my final surgery. When I talked to the PA last week she said " Well we can't order Class 2 narcotics over the phone". I understand this but isn't there anything else they can give me that might be class 1 and tell me to double up on that. Same problem with my Lortab because they told me double up on those, too. I can get my refill on the Lortab on Sunday.

I am having a lot of pain even when I try and lay down to go to sleep. The pain is so bad that I have screamed out. It is a sharp pain in the lower back and down my right hip, right leg and now on the outside my left foot. If I even try and put weight on this leg then there is shooting pain into my back. I am sure this is from the ALIF but it is making me cry and I don't usually do that.

Thanks for letting me vent because I feel so bad to day.

Gentle Hugs and prayers to everyone.
Linda, I hope you were able to get a little sleep and are feeling better. But I doubt that you do without proper pain meds. Unlike Percocet, Vicodin (Lortab) CAN be called in to the pharmacy. It's not as strong as Percocet, but it's a whole lot better than nothing! If you can take the maximum dosage, usually 2 every 4 hours, you'll at least get SOME relief. This is ridiculous that you're having to stay in so much pain. It's irresponsible on the doctor's office's part. Please, please call them and get SOMETHING or else go to the ER. You're going to be exhausted for the next surgery if you have to keep gritting your teeth through this pain.

Sweetie, I hope they'll do something for you and you get relief.