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Hi guys, I am so sorry i did not post for a while. I am fighting my painful days here and don't want to upset anyone with my problems.
Thank you so much for thinking of me, this is so special!
Shawley, I am glad to hear from you, I am sooooo happy you are doing well enough without PK; after all you went through, this is great news.
Deb, thank you for nice things you said about me, you are very special person too. I just feel so bad that you still leave in pain. I feel bad for all of you, who are not getting better, I know how frastruating this is.

I just saw my PM yesterday. He switched me from 20/700 of Percocet every 4 hours to LR Morphine (15mg) 8 am and 8 pm. and to brake through Oxicodone (15 mg) every 4 hours. I am in pain not only back, but nerve pain all over my legs and feet is unberable.
He told me I still have hope since it's only 2 month after my last surgery, so right now we don't talk about pump but if it still will be an issue a year from now, stim will be an option.
Especially after Shawley's sucess with it, I am glad that some option is there for me not only PK for the rest of my life.

My daughter is having another baby March 4th (C-section). It's a boy!! She has a little 3 years girl already, so they will be a happy family. So we all are waiting on this happy occasion.

I love you all, will try to be here more often. I am here to help you all with any questions you have, glad to do it.
Best wishes!!!!!!!