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Hey Emily and Moldova and everyone else thank you for the replies. I got a few hours of sleep last night and dosing off in the living room. I don't understand this medication thing either but I am going to have a good talk with them tomorrow. I don't want this to be a problem with my next surgery. I told them if the prescription says every 4 hours then that is for the whole 24 hours. When I have trouble sleeping because of the pain then I may take pain medication during the night. The surgeon told me before the surgery that this is a hard surgery and they would be giving me stronger drugs. I guess if I can past the PA's I may be able to get something.

I won't be seeing him again until the surgery day. I kept back 1 Percocet pill and 1 Lortab so I can take those tomorrow because it is a 2 hour drive and it really bothers me and hopefully will get some prescription and I will fill them down there at Walgreen's.

Thanks again and I am trying to just stay down today.

Gentle Hugs