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Hello everyone, I just got back from my six week checkup, I am so frustrated I want to slap someone! Ok, I said that and I am a terrible person.
I have joined the neurontin train. I start tonight with 1 300mg pill at bedtime. I am telling him about my leg and foot pain and he just doesn't get it. He LOWERED my percocet from 10/325 to 5/325! (what exactley does the 10 and 5 mean?) I told him about the support I get on this message board, big mistake. He said the only people on here are the ones with bad surgery outcomes. (NO KIDDING). He basically said in a round about way that you poor people didn't have the benefit of his expertise as a surgeon, egomaniac. When I left he told me to stay off the computer, yeah right. Oh well, I am at his mercy. I'll let you know how the neurontin works fo me...............Debbie
Debbie, now I want to slap him myself! How dare he tell you to stay off of the computer...he just doesn't want you to hear the whole TRUTH about surgical outcomes, good or bad. What is HE afraid of? I'm sorry...he is still your doctor, and at lease he is going to have you try the Neurontin, and I pray it will give you relief! If the lower dosage of Percocet doesn't help you, please let him know. You don't deserve to live in pain. I'm sorry about venting on your thread...I just want to make sure you are taken care of...Sincerely, Tam
Hello everyone, Thanks so much for all the support. As you can see I am following doctors orders and staying off the computer. NOT! NO WAY, NO HOW! I agree with you MMOM. I think the doctors are intimidated when patients take their health into their own hands and seek to educate themselves. The internet makes that very easy to do. They want us to stay off and accept their word as the final say so, their egos won"t allow them to accept that they are not perfect.

Pepper, Thanks for explaining the 5 and 10 to me. I guess he's trying to wean me off percocet. I think he wants to get me on vicodin. That would be great if it works.

I took my first neurontin last night. I forgot to ask the doc so can someone tell me if it starts working right away or does it take while to kick in?

By the way I forgot to mention he said since I cant get outside to walk ,(crappy Ohio weather) that I can walk slowly on the treadmill. I did walk 1/2 mile last night slowly (15 mins). So far I don't think it made things any worse.
He also told me I don't have to wear my brace anymore, the metal plate does all the work. Before surgery they said to wear it 3 months. I plan to wear it anyway, it's sort of my security blanket.

Thanks again for all the support.................Debbie