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Laf & Deviphish, My surgery (L5/S1 fusion) was Jan 15th. So far I have been walking about 1 mile at a time without any problems. Do either one of you have nerve pain? I have it in my legs and feet, it's a burning achy feeling. My back has a deep burning pain also. Doc has reduced my pain meds to 5/325 of percocet 1-2 twice a day. It does help. I'm not sure what surgerys you've had and when, I haven't been on the board alot lately. I'm just trying to see where I am at compared to others out there. Thanks........Debbie
Laf, I am 51 years old and I had discectomy in 1/06 and then fusion of L5/S1
seven weeks ago. They used a metal plate and four screws along with cadaver bone in my fusion. Entry was through an incision about 8 inches long in my stomach. I take two 5/325 percocet twice a day and one 300 mg of neurontin at bedtime. I have been on the neurontin for one week. Forgot to ask the doc how long it takes for the neurontin to kick in. Hopefully it will help with the nerve pain in my feet and legs. What has been your experience with the neurontin? How long ago was your surgery? I have never used a walker or cane since my surgery. I have a back brace but the doc told me at 6 weeks I don't need it that the plate does all the work. Walking has been fairly easy for me. I only had back pain before surgery and then I came out with added leg and foot pain. UGH!!!........................Debbie