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Hello everyone,
Long story short:
Its been a long time since I have posted, but I have a question about how long it would take for percocet pills to not show up in your system for a drug screening?

Long story:

I have not been using any type of medication for a couple of months. I was caught getting meds from 2 Dr's at the same time, and both discharged me. I went to see another PM DR and he required me to take a drug test to check my levels. I had 24 hrs to take the test and did it without a second thought (I have nothing to hide). But I tested postive for Pot and was discharged by him as well. I got fed up and decided I would do without any meds. I have some good days and bad, but overall I have been doing very well. But I do have to take weekly drug screenings. I had a bad day painwise and took a couple percocet 15mg pills. I would like to know how long they will stay in my system. Any help, please?