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I am 59 and a former heroin addict who got clean in 1977. Started taking Percocet for severe degenerative disk disease in 2003. Had surgery, which didn't help. Started off taking one 5-mg Perc a day. Now I'm up to about 75 mg/day, taking 10 mg Oxy IR about every 3 hours.

The thing is, it's not helping the pain. And I'm not getting the nice warm fuzzy either -- which at least helped me tolerate the pain. I do not want to keep upping the dose (nor do I think the dr will prescribe any more than he's already giving me). I really just would like to get off it entirely.

What this has done to my life: My life revolves around the drug. I need it now to just function normally. I always have to have it with me, and think about the next dose. When the 3-hour mark approaches, I start sweating and feeling anxious. I am extremely irritable/depressed and my personality has changed. I take more than I'm supposed to on a daily basis, then end up counting the pills toward the end of the month. It doesn't even make me feel good anymore. I am miserable and want my old self back.

I've tried to taper before, and always end up finding an excuse to go back up again. (Like, something's coming up and I can't do it without the drugs.) I can't (don't want to) tell anyone about my problem. I don't want to tell my doctor, because I'm afraid of what the pain will be like if he cuts me off.

I thought maybe if I committed to a taper plan on this board, I would have to stick to it. I've tried to work out a very slow taper plan, but it still takes me out over three weeks. That is such a long time....I'm afraid of caving in the moments of weakness. But I'm afraid if I taper too quickly, the WD will be too bad...and I'll cave. Any thoughts?

I might add, heroin withdrawal lasted only a few days. Methadone withdrawal was over a month and was HORRID. I am hoping oxycodone withdrawal is not like methadone.

I hope with the support of others on this board who are going through this, I can get off this stuff and get my life back.