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Hi. Well, today is day 1 (for the umpteenth time) for my husband & I as we try to quit taking vicodin and percocet. I have been addicted for about 3 years, my husband for 2. It all started innocently enough for me. I have back problems and my old doc began giving me 100 vic's a month. In the beginning I did well. I only took them when needed, but, well... ya'll know how that goes. About a year after I became addicted my husband started as well. That's when things really started to get bad.

Alright. So now....For the last 2 weeks we tapered down from about 80mg to about 20mg a day. We made the decision last night to cold turkey starting today. The last pills we took were yesterday evening. It's been about 16 hours since the last pills, which is nothing for me, atleast. Once we get to 24 hours the trouble kicks in. My husband is at work right now, I'll get to hear from him in about 15 minutes. He tends to start WD more quickly than I do, so I'm anxious to hear how he's feeling.

I guess I just came here for a little support. I've been reading this board for a long time, and I can tell there are alot of caring people here. Neither of us are in a position to go to rehab, so hopefully coming to this board will help out. I just want things back the way they used to be... no more chasing the pills, no more fighting when we can't get any. We both miss the old "us", and are both willing and ready to get clean. We know it's gonna be hard, very hard... but it's time!

I'll probably be back (if I'm feeling up to it) with an update tomorrow. Until then, thanks for reading... and wish us luck!!