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If you need this surgery, you'll be glad you did it, no matter how hard the recovery is. Many, many people have fusion surgery and get their lives back. Most of them aren't hanging around here on the board. Why would they? They can get out and do things that those of us with continued problems can't. So please keep in mind as you read posts here that we are NOT a representative group. Most of us here have problems that don't require surgery or are either still contemplating surgery or have had more problems since surgery. It bears repeating that most people who have this surgery do just fine with it!

That said, though, it is a big surgery with a long recovery time. MM might be a better one to listen to regarding recovery pain, as my recovery was quite painful and difficult. Looking back now, I have to say I got through it by lots of people praying for me and keeping my thoughts as positive as I could. It was harder than I expected, and it was my second fusion. I knew what I was getting into. I had read here on the board and talked to lots of people here who had already had the surgery, so I was prepared. But I did have a lot of levels fused, 8 this time around for a total of 14. That does make a huge difference. I was mostly in bed for 2 months, in bed more than out of it for the third month, and needed to lay down for several hours a day for several months more after that. I was on Percocet for about 2 months, then switched to Vicodin. I think I scared MM before her surgery, but wasn't it nice for it to be easier than you thought? :D Sorry about that, MM!

If you read the thread at the top called "Post Surgery Tips," it has lots of great suggestions that will make your recovery easier. Best two tips: get a grabber tool. It will be your best friend! And get a satiny type bottom sheet for your bed. It will let you slide to turn instead of fighting friction, so you'll have less pain. I got slippery pj's, too, but some people here have found that to be overkill. But it worked for me.

I would get at least two opinions from surgeons before you make your decision. Make sure you go to two surgeons who practice in different groups. Surgeons in the same group share notes. When you go to the second one, it's fine if he knows you're there for a second opinion -- doctors are used to that and understand it -- but don't tell him what the first doctor said. Let him come to his own conclusion without pressure to agree with a colleague. Try to find surgeons who specialize in the spine and who have done a fellowship.

Let us know what you decide. If you have other questions, we'll do our best to help. We're not doctors, but we've been there and done that.

And I'll try not to scare you.

Take care,
First thing let me say....... I DON'T WANT TO HAVE SURGERY. But.......... all of this has stolen so much from my life and I am beginning to think this is the only way I will get even a portion of my life back.

When all this happened, I was in the bathroom one morning leaned over scooping out the cat's litter box. A couple days before this happened, I had been feeling a lot of pressure in my lower back and wondered what the heck was going on. When I straightened up from scooping out the litter box I had the most horrible instant pain in my back. I would not have been surprised to turn around and find out that someone had shot me in the back, that is how crushing the pain was. I couldn't sit down, couldn't lay down, all I could do was hang on to the walls and scream.

For the past couple of years before this happened I had noticed that certain things caused my back to hurt very bad; being at the sink washing dishes or making a salad. Normally I would take a basket of clothes fresh from the dryer, dump them on the bed and stand beside the bed and fold them. This got to the point I could not stand for more than a couple of minutes before my back would start to hurt really bad. Vacuuming........that was a biggie, it would make my back hurt to the point I would be in tears from the pain. I would have to vacuum say one room and then quit, go back to it, vacuum more, have to quit, and so on.

When I had the first MRI done, I was told I had degenerative disc disease and spinal steosis at different levels. Then last year I had a bone scan done and the radiologist was quite alarmed at the bone loss I had. I have several stress fractures in my neck and my neck and shoulders hurt a lot but this is nothing in comparison to my back. I had a C5-6 disc removal done 5 years ago; pins, screws, a plate, and bone graft was done on my neck but I have nerve damage in my left shoulder and this causes me a lot of pain.

So many things I can't do; things I want to do and things I need to do such as housework. I can't vacuum anymore period, it causes so much pain I just can't do it anymore. Loading the dishwasher; that will take me as long as an hour to get it done. Put in a few dishes and have to quit, get my back calmed down and then go at it again. It takes me forever to get things done; my back will begin to hurt so bad I have to stop and then go back to it. Doing the litter boxes for example, I have to get down on my hands and knees to do it, forget about leaning over to do it. Going to Walmart; if we (hubby and I) are going in to just pick up a few items, that I can do but if we go and then amble all over the store, by the time we get out of there, I am in tears and doing a lot of walking causes my left leg to go numb. I have a lot of sciatica pain; left side is the worst but the right leg hurts at times as well.

I am on a 72-hour Fentanyl patch, Percocet 10s, Neurontin, Lioderm patches that I place directly over the places my back hurts, and Soma muscle relaxers; 350 mgs and I take one of them 4 times per day. And then I start to think; good grief, if I am on this much stuff and I still hurt so bad then how bad is my back, how bad would the pain be if I wasn't on all this stuff.

I don't know about the rest of you but I get pretty down about all this. I feel like some horrible monster has come in and stolen away my life. There is so much I want to be able to do, so much that I need to be able to do. Poor John, he works 50 hours a week, two hours on the road every day going to and from work, most of the time he has to do the weekly grocery shopping, run errands, and all that good stuff. He takes me to all my doctor appointments because if I were to be in an accident and I was driving, our car insurance would not be any good because of the narcotics I am on so we don't take any chances, he takes me to all my appointments. I start to think sometimes, where do I go from here?? This is not much of a life.