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nice to hear that you are doing much better and you even can walk 20 minutes at the time (for me it's a lot).
I am 3 month after my second fusion (i have total 4 levels fused) lami/decompression, plates, rods, etc.
My first surgery failed (8 month post-op) and I leaved since in a lot of pain, a lot of limitations. I had my second surgery and I leave in a lot of pain, I would even say more pain now than i had before my second surgery.
In fact, my meds are getting stronger and stronger: now I am on Fentanyl pathc (25) as LA meds, and as BT - 20/650 Percocet. I still in a lot of pain even with all this meds and thank God I have an excellent PM Dr who changes them for me as needed, adjusts doses.
My point is: everybody is different, everybody's case is different. Having only one level fused makes a big difference in recovery and higher sucsess rate. More levels done - more problems occures.
Althogh some people on this board had one level only and long time later they are still not doing well.
You go by what your body tells you and of course your DR.
If you are well enough to go out and about - good for you.
Taking meds is not something has to be done by schedule, this is not antibiotics. You take them not by alarm clock, but only by your own body clock: it will tell you when you really need it. If you are taking what you taking right now and it works for you - you are doing really good.

Keep up with a good work, and best wishes to you and your family!:angel: