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Medd and all you guys, congrats and keep up the good work! Very motivating for me to know that others have done this, and so can I!

I never went the 'Net route to get the Oxy; my PM was fairly accommodating. But as soon as I got a new scrip, I would go a little crazy for a few weeks, then end up counting and rationing....and looking around for wayward old pills that might be around somewhere....

After beating heroin addiction in 1978, I had dental surgery in 2002 and was given Percocet for pain. First I was nauseous....but then, I noticed I sure had a bundle of energy along with that nice euphoric feeling. Then I got more Percs after back surgery. Started at one 5 mg per day. Once I got into PM for chronic back pain, I was able to get a larger quantity....so I upped my daily intake accordingly. Eventually I was taking every pill I got, and feeling like an addict again.

The past year, though, I have felt like the euphoric feeling wasn't there anymore. Yeah, if I took enough, I felt the 20-min. "high", but it left me feeling more "down" than "up". All my relationships have been affected because I'm so miserable. Plus, as I mentioned in another post, I hate being a slave to the stuff....hiding my usage....worrying about having enough with me....etc. etc. etc.

Well, enough about me....I hope to be able to post a success story like Meddguy's someday soon....well, maybe by June anyway! :-)