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Hi Hope,

First, congrats on the new baby!!

Second, I am almost disgusted by the post by Kate. Yes, you are pregnant and know that you need to stop taking the vicodin. I don't see in this post or your previous post how you were complaining about not getting answers about your baby. I have had 3 kids and with my last one (she is now 8 months old) I was taking vicodin and diazepam due to a complication from the previous birth. As soon as I found out I was pg, I stopped taking the meds and then my OB approved them after I got through the 1st trimester. At that point I was taking as prescribed and not abusing them. You just need to make sure that your OB knows that you have been taking the vicodin. My OB gave me instructions on stopping the meds as the due date got closer so that the baby wouldn't have delivery complications or withdrawals.

Since you have fibro, you have a valid reason for needing the vicodin and it is a drug that is used during pg if the need for the mother outweighs the possible danger to the fetus. Just make sure that you, your OB and your doc who treats the fibro are all on the same page with your meds.

BTW, I also had to have an emergency appendectomy at 26 weeks and was on morphine for 4 days after surgery, dulaudid and percocet for a month after surgery and then continued with the vicodin for my other issue up until the day that I gave birth...no complications at all with the baby.

Don't listen to people who say you are looking for excuses and are sick in doing so, because you aren't . Good luck with your pg and hopefully your wd's aren't too terrible.