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Hi everyone,
I have soooo related to many of your stories & have been helped so much.

History, 4 & a half years ago back went out diagnosed w/80 yr old back at 38.
Not operable. Wheelchair for a yr.
They started me on 40mg oxycontin 2x a day amoungst other things
Of course after a year or so I did not increase my meds, was having w/ds , had no idea thought it was my back problems (the pain) ended up going up to 120ms a day then within a yr came back to 60mgs a day.
The last 4 weeks I have gone thru HELL to get down to 1o mg of Percocet a day, don't want to take any meds just can't seem to be a mom of 2 and do this & life

The option I have is going inpatient 3-5 days let them flush it out & get me thru the wds. I am not afraid of using again so sub doesn't sound like somrthing for me. Anyone else have any experience with similar situation?
Thanks for Everything, bmhb