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why is it that i can actually feel "ok" throughout the day and then when i take my dose of percocet it just makes me feel like [email protected]#t anyways....shouldn't that be enough to make me not want these monsters.....i know eventually the withdrawals will set in, but i am so sick of being tired and just BLAH from the pills...i have always questioned an addiction but i think its more physical at this point for me...well, i do run out of my pills.....AGHHHHHH i have real back problems too!! this is neverending..oh and i am only 27.....i came off klonopin when i got pregnant, did not leave my house for 15 days....15 days!! lying on the floor...hated life....restless legs like crazy...never knew i should have weaned, but i was thinking of my baby....well klonopin withdrawals are worse than perks, right??? i hope. be back later