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I beleive there are 2 issues here. 1) Flagged means that the state has shown you as a pain medication user that is on a regular schedule or have used multiple DR's to get the Percs. Either way its NOT GOOD. At some point you used more than 1 dr per 24 days to fill a script for percs. That is what gets you flagged. Not using 1 dr per month. Being tolerant of your dosage is what Percocet does. In my opinion thats what is wrong with pain meds these days. There is no good way to get off the meds if you take them as prescribed. Even a DR regulated TAPER will cause Withdrawal problems. Its a viscious cycle that is even worse for an addict.

Be careful and dont use more than 1 DR per month. Limit you ER visits also, try and tough it out till you can see your primary.