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Hi Everyone,

I am new to severe back pain, but I'm joining the club. In february I started to have severe pain under my right shoulder blade and shooting pain down my arm. My GP gave me anti inflammatories for what he thought was a pulled muscle and vicadin. Over time my pain increased and he switched me to Percocet and a steroid pack. Steroid pack seemed to help a little . Percocet only took the edge off. After six days on steroid pack, he gave me another script for 10 day dose of oral steroid (2/day for 5 days then 1/day for next five). They really didn't help. Had xrays taken and MRI. GP sent me to orthopedic specialty group who then sent me to Pain management group. Through the MRI/Xray, I discovered three bulging discs C4/C5, C5/C6, C6/C7. Additionally I've been told that I have bone spur growth and moderate arthritis (calcium build up). The Pain management group has given me two cervical epidurals. THe first one helped about 50%. The second one I just had a week ago and I feel like I have more pain in my back!!! Now to my one of my minor questions: Since I've taken all of these drugs, I've found myself to be very bloated and my stomach has increased in gerth. I'm a fairly slim gal, so this is somewhat disconcerting. Can both oral and injected steroids cause water retension and weight gain? My second question is: If this second shot does not help...what should be my next step? Should I insist on seeing a surgeon?:)