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Hi Deb,
Nice to see you back! Sorry it isn't going better for you. What's ever happened with the "nurse" who was to accompany you to all your appointments? Are you still doing 4 hour shifts?

I went off my Vicodin this week for my regular hiatus that I try to do every 2 months. I don't usually make it past 2 days off it, as the pain just gets unbearable, but I want to give my body a chance to be off it for a little while so I don't become tolerant to it. I made it 5 whole days!!! I credit the Cymbalta for that! I wish it had been better for you, but it's great for me so far. But today I started back on the Vicodin and am in much less pain, but having gotten it all out of my system, now that I'm back on it I'm realizing how tired it's been making me. I went from Percocet to Vicodin. The Percocet made me much more drowsy, and I've been on the Vicodin for over a year, so I didn't realize what a difference it was making. It was so nice to be out of the fog for a few days! Fog or more pain/fog or more pain/fog or more pain... I think I'll take the fog! Been too long with the pain! Since my doctor is willing for me to be on it forever, I'll take the pain control!

Are we out of the drought yet? :)