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I have never been on one of these...so bear with me.
I'm just so freusterated and no one seems to understand.
I'm 42.....I've had back problems my whole life but was undiagnosed until 2
years ago when I ended up in the hospital.
Herniated Disc, L4-S1, Spinal stenosis and Microfasical Pain Disorder.
2 Epidural spinal injections and one failed surgery(last Nov.)5 different doctors
and one PM later and I think I'm going crazy.
On the Duragesic Pain patch and it makes me very sick.
I've ask to be taken off several times to no avail. "If you just can't take it call me" he says...Goin back next week. Also take Percocet but 2 every 6 hours is what bottle said....missed the part where it said No more than six a day. So I'm out a week early and Doc is on Vacation. I had to stay home AGAIN from work yesterday.
I just don't know which way to turn with all of this. My life is all about pain now. How to COPE????
I feel your pain....2 surgeries for me..and still hurting....microdiscectomy 10/07 on L5-S1, that did'nt work... now just 2 months ago 2/08 had PLIF fusion on same disc...was doing "ok" til started physical therapy after 6 wks. injured my right foot doing a certain calf stretch, now hve what's called a "morton's neuroma" which is extremely painful been dealing w/ this for about a month already...I can't do anything at all, but sit w/ leg propped up on ice, and laying down, can do no more...my back is just getting more sore and hurting I feel like an 80 yr old !!!! house is a wreck, yard is a disaster, it is just killing me that I can't do anything about it....hve a 3 yr old boy who is always on the go, and wifey and I about to hve a daughter in 1 month !!! so that makes 2 of us who can't move !!! just never ends.. I am taking percocets like they are candy, also doc just prescribed me celebrex, heard good and bad things about it. now just waiting for insurance to clear to get an MRI done on my foot see whats going on in there....well guess that's all for now...thx for the venting, we all will keep on listening....will keep every1 posted and thx... MC