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Why is this drug marketed as "non-addicting"? Clearly (as I have read all over the www this morning) it is just as addicting as narcotics and has painful withdrawal symptoms.

My doc took me off percocet because he said it was addicting and then put me on this crap (which incidentally has done NOTHING in regard to my shoulder/neck pain).
I used to take approx. 9 tramadols a day. I decided to go cold turkey and it was just as bad as when I later went cold turkey for percocets. Tramadol is a narcotic. While withdrawing from Tramadol, I experienced a tremendous amount of depression. I saw a doctor on day 2 and he wanted to put me on Sub. I didn't want to do it because I was scared about what I read. I then went back on day 5 and I was just as bad. I then decided to try Sub and within a half hour of my first dose, I was a completely different person. Sub was a life saver for me. Tramadol has some sort of anti-depressant quality to it. Because Tramadol isn't classified as a narcotic, a lot of people underestimate it's addictive qualities. If you really want to try Sub then I say go for it. But I do agree to try to quit as quickly as possible. And make sure that you trust the doctor that is prescribing it for you and follow his/her directions to the tee.

I hope I helped and please let me know if I can answer anymore questions.