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i have been toying with the idea of stopping the pills for quite some time now, well i ran out on Saturday and i havent called my neuro. between feeling like a criminal when i call and then the whole anxiety of getting close to running out, i am so tired of the drama involved with this crap. so far i have been very tired and yesterday i spent half the day in the bathroom. today is not bad, is it possible that the worst of the WD's are over?? i was taking between 8 and 12 vicoden ES / day for the last 10 months, percocet on and off depending on what the doctor prescribed (if i pretended i was in alot of pain) I really am in pain, i have sharp pains in my left foot and i have no clue why, my neuro says there is nothing wrong based on the MRI. I probably could use some pain relief, but i know how that story ends. anyways thanx for listening.